Introducing our Refer a friend program

Wan't to spread the joy of saving money on some of your favorite products and get FREE shipping on top of that? Well this is the program for you! As part of our new referral program we will give your friend FREE shipping as long as they are a new VGA customer and their first order has over $500 worth of Old Skool product. You will also receive FREE shipping with your next order over $500 of Old Skool product after their qualifying order is placed. Keep in mind there is absolutely no limit to how many friends you can refer to us as long as it is their first order through VGA they are eligible for this program. If you have any questions please contact your sales rep for more information and remember to spread the love!


   - Your friend receives Free shipping

   - YOU receive Free shipping

Team VGA


   - When your friend is signing up make sure they put either your name or your company's name into the "Referred By" field


   - When your friend places their first order AND it is over $500 worth of Old Skool product they receive FREE shipping!

   - You will now get FREE shipping on your next order of $500 or more Old Skool product after their qualifying order is placed