Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
Shipping is based on dimensions of the box and its weight. Absolutely no upcharging! Whatever the shipping company desired quotes is the price on the invoice. Shipping is also calculated off the site, so when you place an order shipping is added to the total from the site.
Privacy & Security
All information stored through the Video Game Advantage site is for our use only. No information is shared with third parties and is secure within our server.
Returns & Replacements
Defective products happen from time to time and we understand that. We offer replacements for defective items once an RMA has been sent out and we receive them. We test all of our returns on site, please make sure an item is truly defective before it is sent to us. Make sure to contact your sales rep before shipping anything back to us so that it can be sorted properly within the warehouse. For the Old Skool Guarantee contact your sales rep before sending any returns to us. We do not replace REPAIR BOX brand items.
Simply place an order through our easy to use site and we will calculate the shipping and send out an invoice. The total in the shopping cart does not include the shipping. If you need to change payment information or you wish to add a new credit card for an order contact your sales rep.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
Any and all promotions end on the last day listed and will not be extended past that date for any reason. Promotions cannot be stacked on top of one another. To keep up to date with our promotions please subscribe to our newsletter.
Viewing Orders
Head to the MY ACCOUNT button and all of your orders will be saved for your reference. You can now add favorites to your account and even reorder any previous orders you've made through VGA.
Updating Account Information
In the MY ACCOUNT section of the site simply add or replace information as needed. We do not store your credit card information on the site so if you need to add a new card contact your sales rep.