About Video Game Advantage

Video Game Advantage is one of the largest wholesale full service video game accessory distributors in the nation. Our company's ability to provide competitive pricing, quick and efficient shipping methods, and detailed tracking information has allowed us to meet and surpass our customer's needs. Our customers include independent retailers, large chains, distributors, and online retailers. With over 70 years of combined experience in the Video Game Industry our seasoned team is here to help our customers in all aspects of their business, including purchasing decisions, suggestive selling, pricing, and bundling. We offer all of our partner's unlimited support which includes but is not limited to free tech support on any product they have purchased from us. Our goal is to help lower our partners total cost for product while maximizing their profit margins. Unlike other companies in the Video Game Industry we offer even our smallest customer the best possible price so they too have the ability to compete with the "Big Guys". With us there are never any hidden fees or costs such as inflated shipping costs or Minimum quantities. If you are starting your own video game store or are already the proud owner of your own business(s) please join our team of customers.

Team VGA